LNG Canada, Trades, Training, Fund, MillionLNG Canada recognizes that employers who sponsor apprentices today are playing a big role in training the skilled journeypersons that the LNG sector will need in the future. To take part in the skilled trades opportunities opening up over the next decade as a result of the growing LNG industry, British Columbians need to start their training now.

That’s why LNG Canada has added an additional $600,000 in funding to the original $1,000,000 contribution (which has been fully awarded). In this way, LNG Canada continues to step up to support BC’s construction employers by providing resources to help fund industry and apprenticeship training in BC.

LNG Canada Trades Training Fund

This $1,600,000 fund is provided by LNG Canada and administered through the BC Construction Association. Designed specifically to support industry and apprenticeship training for the construction and related trades in BC, the LNG Canada Trades Training Fund will be of particular interest to small employers in BC who would like help covering costs of Foundation or Apprenticeship training for an employee interested in developing their skills in high demand trades.

Effective February 1, 2017, to broaden the reach of the second round of funding to employers and Apprentices who have not yet participated, the following eligibility criteria have been introduced:

  • There is a new limit of one course per participant, unless that course is a completion course (e.g. Level 4)
  • Only small companies with 20 employees or less are eligible
  • Employers must apply to the fund on behalf of their employee, without the help of a third party facilitator
  • Applications must be received one month prior to the month the training starts. (e.g. for courses that begin in April, applications must be submitted by February 28)
  • Eligible trades are now limited to the top in-demand Construction Trades
  • Priority will be given to applicants in Northwest BC

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LNG Canada Connect

Based in Terrace and Smithers, employment specialists for northern BC are focused exclusively on helping workers and potential workers in the area connect to jobs in the local construction industry. A direct link to LNG Canada makes LNG Connect an excellent way for local Aboriginals, students, and unemployed workers to enter the construction workforce and obtain skill sets that can open future opportunities with the LNG sector.

Interested employers and job applicants in the Terrace area should contact:
Steven, LNG Canada Connect Representative
Phone: 250-631-6726
Email: steven@bccassn.com

Interested employers and job applicants in the Smithers area should contact:
Louis Moolman, Regional Employment Placement Specialist 
Phone: 250-917-8568
Email: louis.moolman@bccassn.com

The LNG Canada Connect program participants are further supported by a Gear Up! fund to help new workers obtain the supports they need to be job ready. Gear Up! assistance is awarded at the discretion of the program and based on need.

Project Shop Class Contribution

LNG development will bring skilled jobs and career opportunities to youth throughout BC. Through Project Shop Class, LNG Canada donated a set of tools (each valued at $37,000) to each of three Vancouver High Schools - Brittania Secondary School, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary School, and Gladstone Secondary School. These tool sets support the ITA Skills Exploratory courses, and are helping hundreds of shop students get the best training experience possible. Visit the Project Shop Class website.

The BC Construction Association is proud to provide administrative support to LNG Canada across all aspects of the LNG Canada Workforce Development Project.