Nothing happens until something gets built.

The construction industry is approaching what will likely become the perfect labour market storm: a lack of tradespeople qualified to do the available and projected skilled work. This is not an easy gap to fix, but the British Columbia Construction Association is working to ensure a success story.

With over $80 billion construction projects underway, there’s opportunity – along with some real work. We must continue to grow the value of established BCCA programs, support employers in the competition for talent and develop training and education. The BCCA’s programs work to meet the growing British Columbia workforce demands and fill positions with ready-to-work, trained candidates.

This begins on a local level by finding and recruiting Canadians, with a focus on underutilized groups such as Aboriginal people, women and youth. Project Shop Class aims to encourage British Columbians to develop practical skills and encourage students to pursue careers in the skilled trades. Even though the youth unemployment rate in BC is 14.5%, only 1 in 85 graduates enter the trades directly out of high school. We need that statistic to be 1 in 5 to fill the workforce gap.

On a provincial level, the Skilled Trades Employment Program finds motivated, trained, and ready-to-work candidates for construction employers with jobs to fill. BCCA representatives act as the introduction to a job opportunity and can also assist in transitioning staff from non-skilled positions to the trades.

On a global scale, Foreign Skilled Workers BC (FSWBC) and the British Columbia Construction Association Integrating Newcomers (BCCA IN) programs continue to find new and innovative solutions to source skilled workers.

The BCCA is working for our members, our industry and our province to leverage the opportunities in front of us. We're working to develop a strong workforce to ensure that perfect labour market storm becomes less of a reality. 

We're building the success story now. 

94% companies hiring

"This is a great time to enter our industry. It’s a time of transition: rewards will stand tall for years to come."

Manley McLachlan - President, BCCA


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