A culture built on safety 

Between the high-rise development, the heavy equipment operations and hammer-to-nail contact, safety is a constant action. We're committed to ensuring worksite safety, defined within a greater cultural attitude focused on safety. This is our committment, but it requires industry participation with attention and focus from employers on accreditation and recognition. 

The CSTS accreditation program is a first step for best safety practices. This is the primary entry-level accreditation required on most job sites.

Safety continues long after the accreditation certificate or final class, on-going training and safer workplace practice development plays a crucial role for employer and industry growth. The BCCA supports the organizations featured below as they work to strengthen the sector's safety standards and regulations while continuing to advocate for increased worker and employer training opportunities. 

"We're committed to the development of a safety culture and ensuring worksite safety -- everyone goes home in one piece."

Manley McLachlan - President, BCCA



BC Construction Safety Alliance

Funded by industry and working for industry! The BCCSA is a non-profit organization serving construction sector 72, plus Aggregate CU 704008, and Ready-Mixed CU 712033.

WorkSafe BC

WorkSafe BC

WorkSafeBC is dedicated to promoting workplace health and safety for the workers and employers of this province. We consult with and educate employers and workers and enforce the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.


BC Common Ground Alliance

The BC Common Ground Alliance is a non-profit organization established to lead development of consistent practices and coordination of activities to ensure the highest possible standards of public safety,worker safety and damage prevention in connection with underground infrastructure.