Strong accountability, competition and transparency 

The British Columbia Construction Association believes in open, transparent and fair procurement that comes with accountability. Based on the principles developed in the Capital Asset Management Framework and implemented by the Government of British Columbia, we’ve taken several positions in regards to stronger procurement and enhanced capital asset management.

It’s critical to facilitate a variety of procurement approaches, instead of favouring a single approach. We must ensure qualification criteria are actually relevant to the bidder’s ability to deliver the service, and entities, like Shared Services and Partnerships BC, do not compete with the private sector. There must be a requirement for disclosure of public procurement results and requirement for audits with published results. By creating formal mechanisms for ongoing collaboration between industry and government, in regard to procurement practices, we can ensure these practices are more reliably applied to become less of a guide and more of a policy.

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"The time to improve the transparency and accountability of our government’s procurement process is now: BC is looking forward to $280 billion in construction projects over the next 10 years. It is important that we work together to maximize this opportunity for our province and the people who live and work here."

Manley McLachlan - President, BCCA




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Standard Documents

Standard Documents

BCCA standard documents and recommended guidelines for design build, construction management, and project delivery models. This includes CCDC and BCDC documents, and resources from the Public Construction Council of BC.

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