Canada LNG Export - Conference & Exhibition

May 10-12, 2016 | Vancouver, British Columbia

The potential growth for the new Canada LNG industry is phenomenal. But with great scope for rewards comes great exposure to risk. Perhaps the most fundamental part of a successful LNG project - after access to abundant resource - is having the skilled workforce in place to execute all phases of the LNG lifecycle. Just ask Woodside LNG CEO, Peter Coleman, who recently cited skilled workers as the critical driver to project success in Australia – and a lack of project-ready workforce can hit the bottom-line hard.

The 4th annual Canada LNG Export Conference & Exhibition is delighted to confirm Gary Herman, CEO, Industry Training Authority; Manley McLachlan, President, British Columbia Construction Association and Jon Vieth, Account Executive, CWB Group (Canadian Welding Bureau) who will discuss pathways and solutions to ensuring Canada’s labour market develops the training and skills needed to ensure a solid industry foundation in this new energy sector for the country.