Fill your labour needs

FSWBC has built a database of roughly 2000 CVs/résumés from international skilled tradespeople eager to work in British Columbia.

Our team will appear at international job fairs to continue to expand our database, and continues to receive applications online every day. If you would like us to screen and collect CVs/résumés on your behalf, please contact us to discuss your needs.

While we've been focused on Ireland and the United States due to the high transferability of skills, certifications and language skills between Canada and those countries, the CVs/résumés we receive are from around the world and cover the entire construction process - from crane operators to project managers, from electricians to engineers, from welders to estimators, and everywhere in between, with varying specialties and levels of experience to suit your project.

How it works

The FSWBC team reviews the submitted applications and keeps in contact with applicants to ensure the workers are eligible:

  • they are genuinely interested in pursuing full-time employment in British Columbia's construction industry for a minimum of 12 months
  • have recognized trade qualification certificates, diplomas or degrees related to the construction industry, and
  • are able to speak and understand English well enough to follow safety procedures and effectively communicate on the job. 

Our team includes immigration and trades consultants who will support the new hire and the employer with the immigration process and paperwork once a job offer is in place, and works to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible.

Submit Request

When submitting a request, please outline the position(s) available and what is expected from anyone hired into that role. The FSWBC team will reference their database, and connect the employer with the most suitable candidates. Members of the BC Construction Association and other employers who wish to participate in the program will be required to pay a nominal fee for service, for each skilled worker placed with their organization via the FSWBC program.

Please note that some applicants are already located in Canada or have current visas suitable for immediate employment, and may be available on short notice.