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Working International hosts the largest and longest running employment immigration events in the UK and Ireland and attracts some of the brightest and best people coming to Canada. The October Expo schedule is: London (October 10 & 11, 2015), Dublin (October 14, 2015) and Manchester (October 17 & 18, 2015). Bonus: Book London and Manchester and get Dublin FREE!

If you are interested in attending or would like further information please feel free to contact Kim Crevatin at kim@bccassn.com.

Foreign Worker Resources

For New Canadians: WelcomeBC.Ca and Citizenship and Immigration Canada 

For Current Temporary Workers: Currently working in Canada and now seeking permanent residency? Try a "Bridging Open Work Permit" available here

We encourage you to look at your particular training and credentials before you leave your country of origin to determine how well those may transfer to the Canadian system. This can also vary from province to province. In the province of British Columbia, there are approximately 140 careers which are considered "trades". About 50 of these are considered "Red Seal" trades, which are classified as IPTQ (Inter-Provincial Trade Qualifications); as such, any Red Seal trades will be recognized in any Canadian province. Certifications from non-Red Seal trades are generally only recognized within a particular province or region.

Different trades may require a different process of upgrading or "Canadianizing" your trades training. Depending on your career, you may need to

  • challenge a certification exam
  • apply to use specific work experience as credit toward your certification
  • work as an apprentice or trainee for a short term 

The links below should assist you in determining the governing authority for your particular specialization. Review the information provided for your trade, and contact the relevant organization to ensure you are taking the appropriate steps to become eligible to work in that trade in Canada.

Apprenticeship and Red Seal Program Listings (ITABC) 

Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) 

Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia (ASTTBC)

Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) 

The FSWBC staff are also available if you require assistance in determining how your skills and training will transfer to Canada from your country of origin. Contact us at fswbc@bccassn.com.

Opportunities for Trades and Technicians

The following is a list of professional and trades opportunities currently in high demand in British Columbia. 

Including formwork (shuttering, framing, finishing). Preference given to carpenters experienced with commercial, industrial, and institutional projects who have additional experience and/or training in other trades areas such as roofing, reinforcing steel, framing and joinery.

Roofing experience or additional related experience and training a major asset.

Concrete Finisher/Cement Finisher

Construction plant fitters
Experience in the maintenance and repair of mobile equipment such as diggers, cranes, bulldozers and dumper trucks, as well as equipment that usually stays in one place such as electrical generators, pumps, air compressors and even massive concrete mixing installations.

Construction technicians 
Crane operator Mobile, crawler, tower, self-erecting Must have certifications.

Drywall finisher 

Elevator/lift mechanic

Heavy equipment operators (plant operators) (Road building Motor grading)
Road building experience, motor grading (fine and rough grading) a definite asset. Must have certifications to show training on all declared equipment.

HVAC technicians
Experience installing, maintaining and repairing all types of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment and systems, domestic, marine, commercial and industrial, including such items as household, hospital, hotel and shop refrigerators, display cabinets, deep freezers, cooling plants, cold rooms and refrigerated transport.This also includes temperature control in buildings, schools, etc.

Industrial insulators
Experience measuring, cutting and fitting a variety of insulation materials to pipe work, valves, pressure vessels, tanks, ducting, flues, or on any hot or cold surfaces for the purpose of thermal insulation, fireproofing or soundproofing. Also, experience with industrial cladding of the insulation material with suitable coverings such as sheet metal, aluzinc, stainless steel or other specified coverings and finishes, such as, felt, cement, various rubbers, canvas and foils.

Ironworkers & reinforcing steel installers (steel fixers)
Must have experience handling, bending and cutting reinforcing steel on site, prefabricating structural components and installing structural components (steel fixing). Should have qualification thought the Construction Skills Certification Scheme – Principles of Steel Fixing Operations or similar recognized trade qualification.

Linemen / Power Line Technician Mechanic (Heavy duty, heavy equipment)
Must have experience servicing and repairing commercial vehicles such as trucks/trailers, vans, jeeps, busses and coaches, etc., plus HEO equipment.

Metal fabricators (fitters)
Must have experience manufacturing structures and products used in the construction of buildings, boilers, chemical plants, transportation vehicles and cranes. Welding experience an asset.

Millwrights (Construction or industrial)
Experience installing, maintaining and repairing stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment in a variety of industries with experience in other trades (fabrication, welding, etc) is an asset.

Must have experience installing underground facilities, digging equipment, bending equipment, and working with various metals.

Must have commercial, institutional or industrial construction experience (not just light maintenance), but installation as well as repair. Also seeking Hydronic Heating Service Technician.

Quality assurance technician (Construction-related)

Refrigeration and A/C Service Technician

Roofers (Commercial and industrial)
Skills must include hot torch on, waterproofing, siding, cladding, etc., with further experience an asset.

Sheet metalworkers
Must have several years' experience in the trade in manufacturing, service or installation using a variety of machines to cut/shape.


System Power Operator/Dispatcher

Technologist/Technician (Planning, drafting, corrosion)

Thermal Insulation Installer

Must have certifications/qualifications and several years of related experience. Familiarity and experience with fabrication and in various industries would be an asset; higher-level certifications preferred.

Opportunities for Professionals/Supervisors


Estimators/drafters/quantity surveyors (General/construction, mechanical or electrical)
Please indicate the industry or industries where your main experience is located.

Engineers (Civil, electrical, geotechnical, mechanical, mechatronic, pipeline, or structural)
Requirements vary depending on specialization. Please indicate your primary area of experience and amount of professional experience.

Project managers (construction managers/site managers)
Must have at least 5 years experience managing commercial, industrial or institutional construction projects. Preference given to those with formal PM/CM training as well as on-the-job work experience.


Employer Resources 

National Occuption Classification 

Working in BC 

Citizen and Immigration Canada 

IndustryTraining Authority 

Red Seal Trades Listing