The BCCA-IN program can support individuals before they arrive in Canada by helping to assess skills, find information about working and living in BC, and connect with employment services and supports. Together these services maximize the opportunity for success in Canada.

The BCCA-IN staff are here to help.

If you are eligible (see below) for BCCA-IN, we can:


  • Discuss or assess your work experience, education, and skills
  • Help you understand Canadian and BC construction credentials and
  • Work with you to determine how your skill set might fit into the BC workforce


  • Help you prepare your resume for the Canadian construction industry
  • Answer your settlement questions such as: Is my driver’s licence valid in BC? 
         Where will my children go to school? etc.
  • Assist with integration into your community of choice


  • Identify job opportunities in the construction industry
  • Connect you with potential employers prior to arrival
  • Assist with your transition to employment in BC
  • Connect you with further immigration settlement support

Are you eligible for BCCA-IN?

Assistance under this program is available for:

  • Permanent Residents
  • Protected persons
  • Individuals approved in principal for Permanent Residency
  • Refugees

If you are unsure of your eligibility, please contact us. A representative will work with you to determine your participation in BCCA-IN. If you are not approved for settlement in Canada or you are not eligible for BCCA-IN, we recommend you connect with the Foreign Skilled Workers (FSW) program.

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