Need skilled workers? Looking to work in construction?

The BCCA takes the need for a skilled construction workforce very seriously.  Through the Skilled Trades Employment Program, we've helped construction employers find and hire more than 10,000 British Columbians for construction and skilled trades jobs. The BCCA also operates Foreign Skilled Workers BC for Association members, providing international search and immigration support for highly skilled workers after all Canadian channels have been exhausted.

If you are an employer seeking skilled workers, or if you are seeking work in BC's construction sector, the BCCA offers a full range of employment programs and services through STEP and FSWBC. Connect with us today.

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Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP)

STEP professionalizes BC candidates for your skilled trades jobs and apprenticeships.

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BCCA Integrating Newcomers (BCCA-IN)

BCCA IN can support individuals before they arrive in Canada by helping to connect with construction employment services. 

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Foreign Skilled Workers (FSWBC)

FSWBC facilitates the recruitment and immigration process to fill trades employment gaps.