The BCCA Board of Directors guides the mission and vision

Robert David Cooke, BCCA Chair - Division 15 Mechanical

Bob is currently serving his first term as Chairman of the BCCA Board of Directors. He is a seasoned executive leader, having previously served four years on the VRCA Board and 3 years on the Board of the Canadian Construction Association. As a longstanding member of the Vancouver Regional Construction Association, Bob believes strongly that the Associations play an important role in providing necessary stability, support and advocacy to the industry. With this in mind, a key focus of Bob’s work as Board Chair at BCCA is to facilitate delivery of important industry-focused programs that are valuable to members.

As President and CEO of Surrey-based Division 15 Mechanical Ltd., Bob has played an instrumental role in many of Vancouver’s most iconic projects. A Certified Engineering Technician who has spent a lifetime working and succeeding in our sector, his advice to young people starting out on a career in construction is straightforward: learn soft skills around communication and relationship building as well as technical skills.

Read the news release announcing Bob’s appointment as BCCA Board Chairman.

Alan Fletcher, BCCA Vice Chair - AFC Construction

Alan Fletcher, president and founder of AFC Industries Ltd., has owned and operated successful construction companies in Victoria and Courtenay/Comox over the past 20 years, specializing in commercial, light industrial, multi-family, as well as award winning custom homes. As a ticketed carpenter and joiner with 30+ years in the construction industry, Alan takes pride in balancing project costing with quality construction and creative design. Over the years he has grown his company to a strong team of up to 45 experienced employees and completes approximately $10 million annually in construction costs. Alan is a highly reputable builder representing the North Island construction industry as a board member of the Vancouver Island Construction Association. Over the years he has been a speaker at several conferences targeting the construction and development industry.

Angela McKerlich, Secretary/Treasurer - Capri Insurance Service

Angela is a Partner and Contract Surety Manager at Capri Insurance Services, Ltd., in Kelowna. She holds a number of accreditations, including a BA, CAIB, and FCIP, and is the recipient of the Howard Strong Industry Builder Award (2014) from the Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA), where she has been a Director for 8 years. Angela is also a Director of the Construction Foundation of BC, has served as SICA Chair, and continues to serve on various industry committees.  

Angela’s extensive volunteerism on behalf of the construction industry comes from a belief that advocating for – and creating – proactive solutions to industry problems helps to foster fair, open, and transparent practices that strengthen the sector as a whole and build trust.  Angela focuses her association work on contributing to creative and innovative solutions, risk management education, and advice for the benefit of members and the industry at large.

When it comes to youth entering the industry, Angela has this encouragement to offer: “Choosing construction as a career means you are choosing an industry that is constantly growing, with many opportunities available for advancement. Whatever you’re interested in, whatever your skillset, the construction industry can offer a bright future.

Sue Zacharias, Past Chair - United Concrete & Gravel

Sue is Office Manager at United Concrete and Gravel Ltd., a Williams Lake-based business she has owned and operated with her husband for decades Past Chair of the BCCA Board of Directors, and member company of the Northern Regional Construction Association for nearly 20 years (where she has also served as Chair), Sue supports the associations for their work in fostering important positive changes across the industry, and for the many valuable business connections and relationships that they make possible. Sue makes sure her work on the Association boards always places an extra focus on facilitating positive change and being a voice for BC’s remote communities.

Sue’s advice to young people entering the industry is to keep learning and be open-minded. “Ask lots of questions!"

Anthony Minniti, Board Member - Century Group

Anthony has 25 years of architectural planning and construction experience. As Century Group Inc.’s V.P. of Operations for Western Canada, he is responsible for business development, safety, estimating, project management and HR within his region. Based in Victoria, Anthony also leads the Design-Build team and develops Century Group's graphic presentations.

Anthony stands behind the associations’ work in advocating for best practices in construction, promoting construction careers, encouraging best in class standards and fostering sustainability in construction and community. Being involved as the Chair of VICA, a BCCA Board Member, the Co-chair of the CCVI, and a Construction Foundation of BC Board Member, Anthony hopes to share his enthusiasm for construction with peers, policy makers, and purchasers of the construction services.

While he understands the challenges that come with a career in construction, he experiences firsthand how dynamic and gratifying the work and industry can be. For those new to the sector, Anthony says: “Have fun, think carefully about solutions, trust your training and share your experiences with your peers and trainees.”

Clark Campbell, Board Member - Smith Bros. & Wilson

Clark is Partner and Chief Estimator at Smith Bros. & Wilson (BC) Ltd., based in Vancouver.  He holds a PQS Designation from the Canadian Institute of Quantity Surveyors, a BA from the University of Victoria, and Building Technology Diploma from BCIT.  

Clark identifies two important aspects of the role of the Associations: first, they provide a link to member companies within and between all four regions of the province, and secondly, they provide a collective voice for addressing standards and practices with all levels of government, which benefits the industry as a whole.

Clark has been involved with the VRCA Board since the early 1990’s, participating on various committees and Board positions, and has been serving at the BCCA Board over the last ten years. Over many decades of service, Clark continues to focus on providing clear and definitive direction to the BCCA President, with the goal of growing the associations through their ability to work collaboratively on providing value to the general membership at the grassroots level.

Clark encourages  BC youth to be involved in their work and in their company in any way possible, including community outreach. “Pay it forward, and it will come back to you more than you expect."

Graham Sibbald, Board Member - Wylie Crump Ltd.

Graham is a Director at Wylie-Crump Limited in Vancouver. He has been actively involved with the VRCA since 2006, holding titles throughout the years as Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Board Member.

Graham understands the pace of change within the ICI construction sector is moving faster than ever. He believes this change comes with challenges that need to be met head on and managed by a single industry voice. The associations provide that important, unified voice at every level of government and for every stakeholder.

He identifies with fellow RCA members as a small business owner and employer responsible for a business’s success. This success, he believes, is undeniably linked to a healthy and vibrant ICI construction sector. Graham credits the contributions from volunteers and staff at BCCA for playing an important role in the vibrancy of the sector.

What’s his advice to the younger generation looking to break into the industry? “If you want a vibrant industry with can-do people then this is it. It’s about the people!”  

Jason Henderson, Board Member - Houle Electric

Jason is Division Manager, Security and Controls, at Houle Electric Ltd.  in Kelowna  BC.  He has been an active Board Member at the Southern Interior Construction Association (SICA) for five years, and is currently also serving as Vice Chair of the SICA Board.  He supports the construction associations because they provide a mechanism for the industry’s collective voice to be heard by local, provincial, and federal governments, are a meaningful forum for the open and fair discussion of issues and concerns, and offer a great way to network with colleagues and forge new friendships.

When speaking with young British Columbians who are considering entering the trades, Jason urges them to be proud of their skills and offers this important reminder:  “Push yourself to see what you can build. Your work could stand for lifetimes."

Kevin Mierau, Board Member - Mierau Contractors

Kevin is President of Mierau Contractors Ltd. in Abbotsford. Kevin recognizes the sector’s upcoming challenges, as advances in technology and innovation gain momentum, and he’s dedicated to participating in the industry’s future success. He is actively involved in the industry, serving as a member of the VRCA Board of Directors, BCCA Board of Directors and the BCCA Standards & Practices Committee. He holds Red Seal Trade Certification in Carpentry and is Gold Seal Certified in Project Management.

As a member of the associations, he’s confident the upcoming challenges and changes will be navigated by industry leaders with an aim to benefit the entire industry’s future. “Associations bring to our industry a united voice for owners, government and authorities, and help improve our industry by staying on the forefront of growing industry concerns: procurement, document quality, and innovation,” he says.

While there is much to tackle for the industry’s future, there are core values that will never change. As Kevin advises, “Always seek to make new relationships and foster existing ones.”

Lee Bedell, Board Member - DGS Astro Paving

Lee graduated high school in 1997 and then spent two years recovering from a back injury. He attended SAIT and finished with a diploma in Civil Engineering Technology. Lee worked as a summer student for the MOTI doing QA/QC. He has worked in the Civil Construction field for 14 years, 3 years for the City of Dawson Creek as an Engineering Assistant and 11 years for DGS Astro Paving in the Peace Region. He started with DGS as a Civil Foreman and 3 years ago became the Area Manager. Lee has been involved in NRCA for 4 years. He enjoys all aspects of the industry, from the people he works with to the owners he works for.

Mike Fawcett, Board Member - Brock White Construction Materials

Mike believes strongly that collaboration and communication is the necessary foundation to continue to build and strengthen our association and feels privileged to represent our members across the North, while working alongside his fellow directors as they collectively provide governance to the NRCA and the BCCA.

Roger Smith, Board Member - Olson Projects

Roger is President of Olson Projects Ltd.  in Golden BC and a PGSC Red Seal Carpenter. He believes that change is inevitable, and with careful consideration and foresight it can bring many opportunities. Associations are important for the vital role they play in managing change, developing opportunities, and shaping progress in positive directions. With his work on the BCCA Board, Roger’s main goal is to represent member companies who operate in smaller, more remote areas of BCA and face challenges that may not always be considered in the more populated urban areas.

Roger Yager, Board Member - Knappett Projects

Roger is Vice President of Knappett Projects Inc., in Victoria, and holds P. Eng., BSc Eng., and a GSC PM degrees. His commitment to more than a decade of volunteerism on industry boards stems from Roger’s awareness that the Associations provide an elevated opportunity for participation in industry issues, and from his sincere belief that they are a venue for manifesting change that can benefit everyone in the sector. His willingness to lend his industry experience to guide the provincial organization, tackling issues that are relevant across BC, meshes perfectly with his advice to youth: “Don’t be a bystander. Participate and contribute – it makes everyone better."