BCCA is the provincial voice of BC's construction industry.

Our Mission

Leading the BC Construction Industry into the future by delivering exceptional services for the betterment of our communities. 

Our Vision and Guiding Principles 

Building BC's future. In order to maintain growth and economic stability for the construction industry in the Province of British Columbia, the objects of the Association are:

  • To ensure that the policies, requirements and interests of the construction industry are recognized and accepted by governments and their agencies.
  • To promote and achieve the best relationships between: 
    • the construction associations of the province of British Columbia.
    • the British Columbia Construction Association and other organizations or associations directly or indirectly related to the construction industry.
    • the construction industry and the purchasers of construction and allied services.
    • the construction industry and other industries or their representative bodies. 
  • To promote the utilization of standard and ethical practices, documents and tendering procedures in the construction industry. 

BCCA is guided by the following principles as it strives to achieve its vision and mission:BCCA creates value for its 4 regional associations enabling them to grow membership. BCCA will:

  • Promote knowledge transfer among member organizations.
  • Work collaboratively and is committed to building collective strength of the industry.
  • Seek to improve the business effectiveness of members.

BCCA will not: 

  • Duplicate work being performed satisfactorily by others.

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