Construction Safety Training System (CSTS-09)

Improve your jobsite experience – get certified for safety.

The Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) is an essential element of training for all employees (new and old) on construction worksites, supervisors, health and safety representatives, and those business owners who seek to improve health and safety in their workplace.

CSTS is a common requirement on large construction and oilsands sites, making CSTS certification a vital addition to your résumé.

You'll learn about workplace safety, focused on the construction job site, including:

  • common hazards
  • awareness
  • prevention strategies
  • regulations

This Safety Training helps you and your team to understand the individual and organizational consequences of poor work practices and procedures.  Set a new record for workplace safety!

CSTS Certification Information FAQs

  • CSTS Certifications do not expire
  • The only worker-specific safety program of its kind in the province
  • Students who complete the course receive an official certificate
  • Courses completed in BC, Alberta, and throughout Canada


Each of the British Columbia Construction Association's four regional associations are official training partners who provide the course and related assistance.

To register, please choose the BCCA regional association nearest to you. These training partners can provide support 


The course is available online and may take 5-9 hours in total.  If you do not have a computer with Internet service available for use at home, some of our regional associations have services available at their offices during business hours.

This program is separated into 15 modules, each of which include a study session, review and test.  The online program allows students to work at their own pace, using the videos and interactive modules to explore a variety of issues and scenarios.


  1. Your Worksite and the Law
  2. Personal Physical Care and Conduct
  3. Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Workplace Hazards
  5. Field Level Hazard Assessment
  6. WHMIS    
  7. Worksite Conditions
  8. Environmental Factors
  9. Fall Protection
  10. Emergency Response
  11. Ladders and Scaffolding
  12. Mobile Equipment
  13. Machinery, Tools and Equipment
  14. Excavating and Trenching
  15. Defensive Driving 
BCCA & BCCSA: Construction Safety Training System CSTS, CSTS-09 This is the British Columbia Construction Safety Alliance approved course.